I giorni in fila


by Andrea Garbarino


Pag. 272 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: maggio 2013
ISBN: 978-88-97462-44-6


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In the mafia underworld of Riviera di Ponente, the conflict between partisans and fascists.

In a seaside city in Liguria, "gloomy even under the sun", stories intertwine between the present and the past. Sandra, a young woman with androgynous traits and abrupt ways, is burdened by a bulky load of mysterious family affairs that feed her angry sore life.
On April 25, Liberation Day, Sandra receives an envelope containing a red pill: "Medicine for the memory" is written in the anonymous letter that accompanies it. Hence the sleepy life of Sandra comes alive with stalking, house raids and intimidation, in a crescendo of enigmatic events that revolve around her father, who has long since fled to Provence, and her maternal grandfather, a fascist vice-president who was the victim of a strange accident.
Mentre Sandra scava nel passato della sua famiglia e della sua terra per capire ciò che le accade, si trova sempre più immersa in un ambiente magmatico e intrigante. Ex partigiani ed ex repubblichini, balordi malavitosi e trafficoni in colletto bianco, sono tutti a caccia di un tesoro nascosto per il quale sono disposti a uccidere e a morire.
I giorni in fila is a novel that combines a fascinating noir plot with an under trace reflection on greed and memory, in which the second can represent a healthy antidote to the first


"A writer who would have liked Osvaldo Soriano."
Il Fatto Quotidiano






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