La sala degli scrittori suicidi


by Evghenìa Fakinu


Pag. 192 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: ottobre 2012
ISBN: 978-88-97462-21-7


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Selected by Feltrinelli as the book of the month in november 2012


The meeting of two lonely people between the secrets and the dramas of an unusual provincial Greece.

The whole novel is set in a small mountain village in the Greek province. Here the lives of the two protagonists meet: Odisseas, an eccentric sixty-year-old writer who loves solitude, and Blues, a thirty-year-old melancholy and introverted Athenian who works for the publisher of Odisseas. The latter instructs the girl to make contact with the writer to offer him to make a documentary about his life, in the hope that this will stimulate him to resume writing that has long since been abandoned.
After the first stormy meetings, slowly a relationship of mutual trust and friendship is established between the two. The purpose of the visits is overshadowed, leaving room for intimate confidences, anxieties, desires and passions. Now it is no longer just Blues who need Odisseas, but the writer himself who needs the girl's presence to complete his last and desperate project: suicide.

Evghenìa Fakinu in this novel makes a merciless description of the province - rendered extremely effective in the contrast between the harmonious beauty of the landscapes and human baseness. It outlines a relationship full of erotic tension between the two protagonists, which however struggles to emerge, and tells us about the fear of old age and falling in love (intended as a link that would limit one's freedom) and, finally, the drama of Odisseas that is consumed not without twists.


"A psychological thriller on literature and lived life, on the world of heroes and on the agony of the writer who was speechless. This novel takes us around in the world of the sea, of time, of books. And in the murky one of the suicidal poets ”.




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