by Sergio Bizzio


Translated by Raul Schenardi
Pag. 152 – Formato: 14 × 20
Confezione: brossura
ISBN: 978-88-97462-60-6


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A novel in which simple and linear reality gives way to the rules of the incredible and unexpected.

Attacked by one of his strangest patients, Borgestein, a misunderstood poet, a psychiatrist leaves the city and retires to an isolated house in the mountains. Bought through an agency and never seen before, the house reveals a series of surprises: the torment of a noisy waterfall, the presence of ravenous pumas wandering around, the sudden intrusion of an electro-toxic parrot ... his wife, an actress who is experiencing "her moment of popularity", shakes up the sleepy provincial neighborhood that soon begins to take an interest in the life of the psychiatrist, entangling him in absurd and funny situations. As in any good Zen story, the storytelling underlies a moral opaque to be drawn, which tries to explain meaning of life and choices without ever really grasping it.


"There is the distant echo of David Lynch in this mysterious and disturbing amalgam of atmospheres, as different from each other are reality and dream "



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