Il sistema Piacere!

Three books that speak among themselves. The volumes Pleasure! are three useful tools for the Italian courses of illiterate or weakly literate foreign adults (Pre Alfa A1 - Alfa A1 levels). They can be used together or individually.

PIACERE! Manuale per la prima alfabetizzazione

A read-write learning path for the Pre Alfa A1 and Alfa A1 levels in a phonetic-syllabic approach. Communication areas and semantic fields are chosen on the basis of the most common student use domains. Educational system is very simple and gradual. In the manual there are many ideas for oral activities and flashcards games for the class.
Il manuale Piacere! è scritto da Giovanna Bertelli, docente di italiano L2 di grande esperienza.

Piacere! Attività di classe per l’alfabetizzazione emergente

PIACERE! Attività di classe per l’alfabetizzazione emergente

An activity book for teachers. The volume contains didactic proposals diversified for the class, aimed at developing orality, reading-writing, numeracy and the first approach in the disciplinary pre-requisites of history and geography.
All the activities use an action-oriented didactic approach through the involvement of the body. Each activity in the notebook is described in detail. There's an online section of the book.
You will find indications to integrate activities of the handbook with these class activities.
Piacere! Attività di classe per l’alfabetizzazione emergente è scritto da Katia Raspollini, docente CPIA specializzata nella didattica ad adulti analfabeti.

Piacere! Flashcards e alfabeto mobile

PIACERE! Flashcards e alfabeto mobile

162 flashcards with everyday images and words to be used in the first literacy courses. The volume, equipped with a practical box, also contains the mobile alphabet and syllabary to compose all the words of the Italian language.

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