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Il tempo delle parole

Our work on lexicon continues: Il tempo delle parole, written by Francesca Gallina and Carla Marulo, offers teaching materials for primary school students who have just arrived in Italy, who are approaching the Italian language for the first time. The book, ready forsummer 2020, uses drawings to illustrate the first words of everyday use. The didactic part proposes an innovative oral work, based on the rhythm of the syllables, to learn to recognize and pronounce these first words. 

Quante parole conosci?

Coming soon Quante parole conosci? a book written by Nicola Zuccherini made up of tests, exercices and maps on vocabulary for the fourth and fifth grade. Starting from the natural curiosity of children, Quante parole conosci? is focused on children's skills and explores all levels of lexicon, ordinary words or disciplinary vocabularies. A nice and colorful book to learn Italian words while having fun.

L'italiano SMART A2 ...e l'inglese SMART A2

Many of our readers asked for it: after Italiano Smart A1, it will come too Italiano Smart A2. The same authors of the first volume, Alessia Benenti and Valentina Mussi, will explore the didactic potential of class chats for students of Italian L2 and LS who face the A2 level of the language. 

...and it's not over here: it's coming soon English SMART A2, for students who learn English, in Italy and worldwide. We will have new authors but the same philosophy: learn a language using tools on smartphone.

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L'italiano smart
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