L’app è fatta per chi è appena arrivato in Italia, vuole imparare la lingua italiana e conoscere meglio la vita civile per vivere e integrarsi in questo Paese.

The Present app consists of three parts:
  • an educational section of exercises on Italian language;
  • an informative itinerary of texts on civil life in Italy;
  • an useful handbook of sentences and words about body and health.

Presente - Italia per stranieri can be used, in addition to Italian, English, French, Arabic and Urdu, to understand all useful information even to those who do not know Italian well.

Download from Google Play Presente - Italia app for foreigners!

Description of the app

The exercises of the first part are divided into thematic modules on daily topics (home, family, work, shopping ...). The exercises are self-correcting and they consist of texts, images and audio tracks to exercise writing, reading and listening to the language.

Thanks to the informative texts of the second part, it is possible to learn more about life in Italy and have explanations and practical advices. You will find lots of information on work, rules of safety at work, school, health and social services. In addition, there are insights into what rights and duties people have, how to travel on public transport, how to obtain citizenship, and what are the most important institutions. Some links to external resources allow to deepen the topics. The third part provides a handbook to address medical examinations and explain illnesses or physical ailments. This part consists of questions and answers translated into Italian and a map with the names of parts of the human body.


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