Tam Tam

Tam Tam is a series that collects fiction books and contemporary novels from all over the world.

In these years we selected young authors of novels, from the world, and translate them into Italian. Our selection of novels and short stories has therefore spanned Lebanese, French, Argentine, Mexican, Pakistani, Greek, Icelandic, Brazilian, Spanish and even Italian literature. these books explore different cultures in an original and innovative point of view. They are all contemporary novels: an interesting and critical point of view of our society.

Borgenstein - Sergio Bizzio - Libro

Masticando umani - Santiago NazarianDonne di Beirut Il complotto mongolo - Rafael Bernal Pakistan graffiti - Shandana Minhas Belfondo - Jenn Díaz A Gran Giornate - Claudio MorandiniCarrera e Fracassi - Daniel Guebel Nostalgia dell’ombra - Eduardo Antonio Parra - Romanzo Le effemeridi - Stéphanie Hochet - Libro I giorni in fila - Andrea Garbarino - Libro Animali domestici - Bragi Ólafsson - Libro


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