Il Secondo Libro

The series Il Secondo Libro collects texts dealing with anthropological-social researches dedicated to a wider audience than the usual researcher.

Edizioni La Linea, thanks to the presence of two anthropologists, has researched and published volumes that could let be known even to those who do not deal with it at an academic level. The books in the series in fact redirect the social researcher's experience towards the narrative or descriptive dimension, in proposing texts for the general public. Anthropology in particular can be understood not as a discipline tout court , but as a transversal subject to other human sciences such as sociology and psychology, and which therefore also borders on other branches of socio-humanistic knowledge. For this reason the series also ranges in other spheres of the social and human sciences in trying to show new perspectives and original points of view to understand modernity.

Here you can find all books of this series

La soluzione del codice maya - Michael D. Coe - LibroMariti alla brace. Miti erotici dell’Amazzonia - Betty Mindlin - LibroAntropologia come educazioneLa forza dell’ordine - Didier Fassin - Libro



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