Do you want to propose us an editorial project (on paper or digital) of Italian L2, LS or for school?
Hai un manoscritto, un saggio o un romanzo nel cassetto che vuoi pubblicare? Vuoi proporti come formatore?
Write to us. We will gladly evaluate your proposal!

If you deal with school, teaching or training, we are particularly interested in the areas of Italian L2 / LS, foreign languages and primary school.

If you write about other topics, or if you want to propose a work to translate, look at the titles of our other series to realize what we do. You will see, in particular, that we do not publish poetry or short stories and that we have never dealt with certain genres (such as fantasy, children's literature, etc.).

To send your proposal or your manuscript, you can write to

Please use files with these extensions: .doc, .txt or .pdf.

Remember to send us a short presentation, or a synopsis, of your proposal and your biographical notes too.

We always read everything you send us and answer; however, if you do not receive an answer within three months, your proposal is rejected.


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