Il complotto mongolo

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by Rafael Bernal


Translated by Andrea Ghezzi
Pag. 256 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: ottobre 2011
ISBN: 978-88-97462-04-0


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Unforgettable and hilarious characters alternate on the thread of a plot that continually overturns its premises. A book that has fascinated Mexico for over forty years.

Mexico City, 1960. The difference between a policeman and an assassin doesn't exist when it comes to men like Filiberto García. And it is precisely him that the high offices of the Mexican government intend to use to thwart an international conspiracy.
Times are running out and the President of the United States risks to be killed. Filiberto has forty-eight hours to investigate according to his unorthodox methods.
The plot - involving the FBI, KGB, Mexican military and politicians - turns them into forty-eight hours of blood. The tracks to follow overlap and mingle between dark Chinese cafes, opium fumerie, mysterious women and secret agents. The only way to complete the mission is the law of the jungle: kill before being killed. And Filiberto never misses the chance to be the first. But also the armor of this disillusioned man and all in one piece can be scratched when his fate crosses that of the beautiful young Martita.
Founder of the mexican noir , this novel is also a disillusioned analysis of Mexico's post-revolutionary reality and the corruption of its institutions.


“Rafael Bernal must have a place among the most celebrated Mexican writers of the last century. Il complotto mongolo it's one of those rare cult books that continues to be republished. "
La Jornada




2 reviews for Il complotto mongolo

  1. igor breschi

    Un noir davvero ben scritto! Mi è piaciuto. Tra i libri più belli letti negli utlimi tempi…

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