Carrera e Fracassi

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by Daniel Guebel


Translated by Mariana Califano
Pag. 352 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: giugno 2012
ISBN: 978-88-97462-18-7


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A tragicomic story of friendship and love, against the backdrop of an Argentina cyclically in crisis.

Argentina: Julio César Carrera and Carlos “Cacho” Fracassi are two representatives of the same household appliance company that could not be more different, both extrovert and vulgar the one (qualities that are however worth excellent sales), as shy and incapable the other . This character incompatibility is, however, smoothed out by the daring events the two are facing. And so, between an exchange of wives, a trip to the very poor Argentine province and the loss of work, the two become the modern version of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, in a struggle of losers and mediocres that reveals an irreducible humanity to the dictates economists of today's society.
A fun and poetic book, where the Italian public will recognize a Fellini and Neorealist streak. A book that acts as an antidote to the heavy frame of the crisis.


“Carrera and Fracassi is a stunning novel, poisoned and moving, raw and shameless; always crossed by pathos and by a strange aura of holiness ".
El Paìs




2 reviews for Carrera e Fracassi

  1. mariachiara

    Scritto benissimo..fa morire dal ridere!!

  2. paolo

    Che spasso…

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