A gran giornate


by Claudio Morandini


Pag. 256 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: luglio 2012
ISBN: 978-88-97462-20-0


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Winner of the national literary prize "Il Musagete - City of Trebisacce" 2013.
Selected by Feltrinelli as the book of the month September 2012.
In the five finalists of the literary prize "Il Paradiso degli Orchi" 2012.


A hilarious picaresque novel, an allegory of life to read our days with a new look.

In a country that closely resembles today's Italy, some men explore the bizarre deviations that have taken their lives. Each of them is missing something inexpressible and essential (perhaps a woman, work or happiness). This is why they move towards desperate and comic modern adventures: those who go around hotels with an inflatable doll who come alive and walk silently through the rooms; those who cheat and seduce money old ladies; those who discover the pleasures of naturism and take a walk around the woods until they get lost. Their paths prove unsatisfactory but irrevocable. Thus, pushed further among the human ugliness, the protagonists find themselves pressed into a van, in a hostile and apocalyptic territory at the end of which a monstrous Dante creature appears to have appeared in the dreams of all of them.

A book that precisely frames the contradictions of our time: the power of instincts and the animalistic exploration of wild and unknown territories, but also the accomplished education and the verbosity that frames personal relationships, and the small subterfuges with which they deceive daily needs. A fun epic of the humble, which tells of the perennial attempt to overcome humanity as it is given to us, halfway between the abysses of existentialism and the cabaret stage.


"Morandini demonstrates exceptional control of his narrative machine, confirming himself as one of the most competent and unsettling novelists in our literary panorama".
Pulp Libri





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