Masticando umani

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by Santiago Nazarian


Translated by Angela Masotti
Pag. 200 – Formato: 14 × 20
Confezione: brossura
ISBN: 978-88-97462-46-0


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With lucidity and irony, this novel highlights the contradictions of contemporary society and the abysses of the human soul, torn apart by the struggle between animal instinct and social conventions.

A young caiman greedy for knowledge leaves the quagmire in which he grew up for the sewers of a large metropolis in Brazil. Despite some difficulty getting involved, he befriends a stray dog ​​and falls in love with an old oil can, with whom he has elliptical conversations and more explicit embraces. The protagonist adapts, not without some concern for health, to the new diet based on waste and remains of industrial food, and ends up falling in love with the crocodile shoes of an oriental food seller. Finally, the young man forms an amphibious partnership with a smoking and bohemian toad, dedicated to human vices to exorcise childhood trauma.
But the quiet life of the sewer is soon turned upside down by a series of unexpected events. The unusual protagonist will be dragged into a succession of daring and surreal adventures, at the end of which we will see him crowning his ambition to rise by accepting a position as a teacher of Rationality in a university of Brazil far far controlled by animals. Then, having fallen out of favor, he will retire to a motel by the hour, cultivating the secret dream of becoming a writer.


"Visceral and bizarre. The most extraordinary Brazilian novel of recent times".
Folha de Pernambuco




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