La soluzione del codice maya

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by Michael D. Coe

Prefazione di Davide Domenici


Translated by Valentina Ballardini
Pag. 368 – Formato: 15,5 × 24
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: marzo 2012
ISBN: 978-88-97462-02-6

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The compelling story of the decipherment of ancient Mayan writing.

The hieroglyphics that the pre-Columbian Maya engraved on thousands of steles, monuments, ceramics and other objects have represented an enigma for a few centuries. Was it a form of writing or rather decorative art? What did they contain, spiritual words or concepts? Scholars and adventurers, linguists and braggart have tried with meager results to answer these questions. of ancient Mayan writing.
Buried in the tropical jungle the voice of the Mayans remained silent until a few years ago. Then a series of unpredictable coincidences meant that in the icy St. Petersburg a man, isolated from the international academic forum, began to make it audible again.

"One of the greatest narratives on scientific discoveries of the twentieth century, a book that reads like a novel".
New York Times



1 review for La soluzione del codice maya

  1. Stefano

    Sono docente di antropologia delle zone amerindiane e vi ringrazio per aver tradotto questa chicca!

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