Antropologia come educazione

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by Tim Ingold


Pag. 192
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: settembre 2019
ISBN: 978-88-97462-65-1



Education is an indispensable tool for individual and collective emancipation, and the promotion of education is on the agenda of politics. But what is education really? Tim Ingold, one of the greatest contemporary anthropologists, tries to answer to this networks with others and with the context of our lives. This "new" paradigm can be represented by anthropology, both as a field research practice and as an interesting repertoire of different cultural examples. Only by recognizing the common characteristics and objectives of anthropology and education, in fact, we can try to imagine a future where differences are a good source of wealth and does not mean inequality.


"Anthropology as education asks for nothing less than rethinking the role of education today."

E. Manning



3 reviews for Antropologia come educazione

  1. mariachiara

    Super interessante!!! E facile da leggere

  2. maurizio

    Questo libro l’ho letto tutto d’un fiato. Bravi Linea!!

  3. cristina

    Adottato nel corso! Lo consiglio.

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