Animali domestici


by Bragi Ólafsson


Translated by Silvia Cosimini
Pag. 208 – Formato: 15 × 21
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: giugno 2013
ISBN: 978-88-97462-41-5


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In icy Iceland, a man is force to take an "unconfortable" perspective on his life.

After a lottery win and a trip to London to spend a good part of the money on music, books and films, Emil returns to Reykjavík, Iceland, with one wish: to finally listen to his CDs, see friends and relax.
It is well known, however, that destiny loves to scoff at the modest dreams of men 's quiet and secluded everyday life, and with Emil he takes on particular fury. In the few hours spent between air travel and returning home, some meetings abruptly derailed his schedule.
Come in una commedia beckettiana, in breve tempo la casa si trasforma in teatro di una singolare festa. Il giovane islandese è indotto, suo malgrado, a trasformarsi in invisibile ospite di una serie di bizzarri personaggi, tra cui uno squinternato linguista, un invadente ex compagno di viaggio e una bionda tutta pepe.
Each of them takes on a meaning that Emil is unable to make his own, but which he also perceives, and which he knows how to come from a repertoire that touches his personal past, his literary and musical tastes and his deep fears. From this human horde Emil is cornered and driven back to the most unthinkable place. To tell his incapacity for life, only the voice remains.


"It's not about rock, but it's one of the best novels written by a former rock musician"
Los Angeles Times





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