Anita e le altre


Amore e politica ai tempi del Risorgimento

by Isabella Fabbri and Patrizia Zani


Pag. 176 – Formato: 11,5 × 17,5
Confezione: brossura
Pubblicazione: luglio 2011
ISBN: 978-88-97462-01-9


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Between love and love of country, loyalty and revolt, the intense life stories of eight women protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento, still able to surprise us for their relevance.

Historiography has dealt little with women of the Italian Risorgimento. These figures not only played a decisive role in the intricate process of the unification of the nation, but also defined an unprecedented way of being women. In the Risorgimento battle they experienced love and practiced political thought and struggle, abandoning the role of angels of the hearth.
Their anxiety of emancipation frightened part of the public opinion and some of their battle companions. For Pius IX they were "brazen prostitutes", while the ex Garibaldian Crispi called them "tempting demons". For History they will remain new women.





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